Friday, 7 May 2004

Day 2 Friday

Broke camp early. At least it had stopped raining. It was actually a very pleasant, sunny morning.

Passed through the village of Bibbiano. Followed signs for the TNT pub (for coffee, perhaps?), but it was closed. A good morning's walk but the rivers we saw were in full spate.

One we came to had flooded the road so it was boots off!

The approach up to Montalcino looked daunting and was a long haul up a narrow road up the hillside.

We begged water at a house. Nigel was positively exhausted and probably dehydrated. Stopped for lunch shortly after and before entering the town. Superb views looking back from where we'd come.

On entering Montalcino, found a café and downed a beer pretty quickly, Nigel opting for what was by now a customary non-diet Coke to restore his blood sugar.

I went off to look for a supermarket to get some food for supper that evening but, thinking of Nigel, ended up booking us into a hotel - he was very grateful when I returned and reported what I'd done. I think a second night camping who knows where might have resulted in rebellion! The poor chap was whacked with the steep climb up into the town, his lungs not being quite as big as he'd thought. We ate out in the evening, Nigel having wild boar; I had Etruscan rabbit.

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