Saturday, 8 May 2004

Day 3 Saturday

Leaving Montalcino.
Difficulty finding the right way out of the town behind the fortress as there were a number of roads meeting at a junction - had to use the compass but even then succeeded in taking a wrong turn and despite asking a man in a garden and who assured us we were on the right road when it turned out we were not!
We picked up the correct route eventually and arrived at S. Antimo, a church on the edge of a town. It was clearly a tourist attraction - a clarinet player in the church.
We met a couple walking with ATG but not doing our route. We got lost somewhat the other side of Fiume Orcia (Monte Amiato station).
We took a minor road which wound around in the wrong direction and ended at a river with no way of crossing. We just had to turn round and retrace our steps. The heavens then opened with thunder and lightning.
Having wasted so much time, we reached the road out of Monte Amiato again (found some loos on the station) and headed towards Seggiano. The fields either side were waterlogged and no good for camping. We stopped for the night at a hotel/restaurant where we had an excellent evening meal.

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