Thursday, 13 May 2004

Day 8 Thursday

Weather much improved. Away at 10am and headed into Ronciglione where I searched in vain for a shop that might sell me a walking map. I stocked up with food and bought some more meths. Leaving the town, it was then a pleasant road walk to Sutri, another nice old town. I assumed that I would be looking for somewhere out of sight to camp that night but at the turn for Lago di Bracciano there was a camping sign for camping by the lake, several miles away. Then, after a short distance, there was a VF sign on a pole, followed by another about a mile on which took the VF off to the left. A brief pause for a decision – follow the VF or carry on to the lake where I knew there was camping. The lake it was. It was a good road for walking, not much traffic. On the way, I was hailed by a passing Dutch cyclist. He was on his way from the Netherlands to Rome. His guide book showed two campsites at Trevignano, by the lake; three were signposted when I got there at 5pm but one was then signed as being 6km further on! It turned out that this one was the nearest! I stopped for a drink on a bench overlooking the lake – quite idyllic, but I had to push on. I arrived at the site at 6.30pm. the weather was really good and so was the site, by the lakeside. Supper of ravioli and quattroformaggio sauce.

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