Tuesday, 11 May 2004

Day 6 Tuesday

A late start - away by 11am. it was a lovely sunny morning. On the lake side, we stopped for capuccini at a trattoria, overlooking the lake. Later on we stopped for lunch by the side of the white road some way back from the edge of the lake.

We then followed a mainly unmade dusty road to Capodimonte

and then Marta,

where we had a wander round and a snooze while waiting for the shops to open at 5 o'clock. Having bought supper and a bottle of wine, we walked along the southern edge of Lago di Bolsena looking for somewhere discreet to camp.

It was getting quite late and we were beginning to get not a little worried that we wouldn't find anywhere to pitch. I found a possible place - a fenced off site being done up for something, at the back of which was a grassed area. Nearby was a green lane which we took and found a way to the rear of the site which fortunately was open. We skulked there until light faded and then cooked a meal and put up our shelters. We had excellent ravioli to which I added green pesto, only to find that Nigel didn't like pesto! He had a few potato chipsticks instead washed down with cheap red wine.

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